SLIMDEX Lymphdrainagegerät für den Hals

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SLIMDEX Lymphdrainagegerät für den Hals

“Despite my efforts to lose weight over several years, including experimenting with diet pills, various workout plans, and even trying the cabbage soup diet, I couldn’t succeed. This left me feeling down, and my loose arms only made me feel worse about myself. The only thing that has relieved me is the SLIMDEX Lymphatic Drainage Device for Neck, which has provided positive results in just one month. My flabby arms have begun to shrink, and my body feels reinvigorated, as though every cell is being cleansed of toxins. What’s more, this neck device has been instrumental in helping me shed a significant amount of body fat, altering my life as a result. I’m tremendously grateful for this product!- Elayne Evans,32, NewJersey”

Over the past years, I have been experiencing neck pain due to my neck humps, which has been manageable but frustrating and has impeded my productivity. However, the portable SLIMDEX neck device has reduced swelling and eased the pain. After using it for three days, I am glad to say that the discomfort and swelling have vanished!-Jane Emily, 29, Boston.”

Wie funktioniert unser Lymphsystem?

SLIMDEX Lymphdrainagegerät für den Hals

The lymphatic system is a one-way transit mechanism in conjunction with the circulatory system. The thoracic duct transports extra interstitial fluid from the intercellular space back into the bloodstream. The functions of the lymphatic system include:

  • Hält den Flüssigkeitsspiegel in Ihrem Körper aufrecht
  • Absorbiert Fette aus dem Verdauungstrakt
  • Schützt Ihren Körper vor fremden Eindringlingen
  • Transportiert und entfernt Abfallprodukte und abnorme Zellen aus der Lymphe

Eine der häufigsten lymphatischen Erkrankungen ist das Lymphödem. Die Ansammlung von Gewebeflüssigkeit, die im Allgemeinen aus dem Körper ausgeschieden wird, behindert das Lymphsystem. Lymphödeme betreffen am häufigsten Arme und Beine und können äußerst schmerzhaft, entstellend und bewegungsunfähig machen.

What is UltraSonic Heat Therapy?

SLIMDEX Lymphdrainagegerät für den Hals

This non-invasive technique eliminates toxins from the body and diminishes targeted fat. Ultrasound vibrations exert pressure on the fat cells during the procedure. The fat cells are liquefied due to the intense pressure, and the body can eliminate the waste through urination.

The SLIMDEX Lymphatic Drainage Device for Neck is an optimal tool for body detoxification and weight reduction, promoting quick and efficient absorption of natural ingredients to create an invigorating and beneficial experience for all.

Studies demonstrate that Ultrasonic Therapy improves lymph drainage and improves blood circulation

According to some theories, the lymphatic system’s ability to expel toxins and waste products can be enhanced by ultrasonic technology. Doing so may assist in the body’s natural cleansing process, allowing the lymphatic system to eliminate fluids containing cellular waste more efficiently and effectively.

The SLIMDEX Lymphatic Drainage Device for Neck is a tool that aids in improving blood circulation to different organs and tissues in the body. Its emitted waves help to dissolve blockages and irregularities like plaque or embolism, ultimately promoting healthier blood flow.

Wie funktioniert das SLIMDEX Lymphdrainagegerät für den Hals?

SLIMDEX Lymphdrainagegerät für den Hals

  • Ultraschallwellen können effektiv die Fettschicht unter der Haut erreichen und spezifische Fettzellen selektiv eliminieren, indem sie sie aufbrechen und auflösen.
  • Eine ununterbrochene, ganzjährige Lösung zur Gewichtsabnahme, die eine solide Technologie nutzt, um die Fettverbrennung im Ruhezustand zu unterstützen.
  • Die SLIMDEX-Technologie verwendet Schallwellen mit einem Niederfrequenzbereich von 3–60 Hz, die die Blutgefäße, Neuronen, das Lymphsystem, das Fasergewebe und andere empfindliche Gewebe des Körpers schonen.

Im Vergleich zu Operationen und Diäten sprechen laut den National Institutes of Health die meisten Menschen mit klinisch signifikanter Fettleibigkeit im Laufe der Zeit positiv auf die Ultraschallwellentherapie an. Laut einer Literaturrecherche sprechen die meisten krankhaft fettleibigen Personen (16 von 20) positiv auf eine Ultraschallbehandlung an.

Here are some of our satisfied customers :

SLIMDEX Lymphdrainagegerät für den Hals

“I had a large lump on my neck for years, it never hurt or anything, but I was always self-conscious about it. My physician said it was probably just lymph nodes and told me to come back if I wanted to have it removed. It was a few years before I went back because the whole process seemed so scary, not to mention expensive. But then I discovered SLIMDEX Lymphatic Drainage Device for Neck, and it worked! I was able to see results even after the first few days! So I continued to wear it daily. After 5 weeks, my lump is gone, and I feel like a new person!- Samantha Molley, 32, Las Vegas”

SLIMDEX Lymphdrainagegerät für den Hals

“For those who are skeptical about this product, I would like to share that I was a little hesitant at first, but as soon as I tried this SLIMDEX neck device and saw the result, I was hooked! My stomach used to be so bloated and puffy; now it is completely flat! Now, I am more energetic, and I have a healthier weight. I have recommended this device to my friends, and they love it too!- Pepper Smith, 27, New Orleans”

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