SIMICA IONICS GrapheneFiber SlimTech Shaper

$20.95 - $80.95

SIMICA IONICS GrapheneFiber SlimTech Shaper
SIMICA IONICS GrapheneFiber SlimTech Shaper

Melissa Roberts from Brooklyn, New York, erzählte uns, wie sie unsere benutzte SIMICA IONICS GrapheneFiber SlimTech Shaper und die daraus resultierenden Ergebnisse.

How I lost 17kg after my third baby and plan to tighten my tummy

“I have always been out of shape, but when I tried GrapheneFiber SlimTech Shaper I was able to get the body I’ve always wanted. After just a few weeks of using it, I was able to burn fat and shed my excess weight. I feel lighter and better than ever!!”

Antoinette Wilson, from Reno, Nevada, hat unsere ausprobiert SIMICA IONICS GrapheneFiber SlimTech Shaper, und hier ist, was sie dazu zu sagen hatte:

 SIMICA IONICS GrapheneFiber SlimTech Shaper

“Wow! This is an amazing shaper! I’ve been wearing it for a week, and my body has already become much more toned, especially my abs. I’m so happy with this purchase, I highly recommend it to all of my friends!”

Warum wird Fett schneller im Bauch gespeichert?

Women often notice that they gain weight in their bellies as they get older, even if they aren’t gaining weight. A sluggish metabolism, poor digestion and circulation can all cause fat to be stored in the belly area. When your organs aren’t functioning at their optimal levels, it slows down calorie burn and weight loss, resulting in more fat deposits in your belly. SIMICA IONICS GrapheneFiber SlimTech Shaper

Die Rolle von IONs bei der Gewichtsabnahme

Ions are atoms or molecules with a net positive or negative charge. Ions are generated by water that has been split into its component parts (hydrogen and oxygen) through electrolysis, which is the use of an electrical current to break down a chemical compound into its constituent elements.

SIMICA IONICS GrapheneFiber SlimTech Shaper

Ions can be used to improve the body’s blood flow and circulation by increasing the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream and providing essential nutrients to all organs. This increases the body’s ability to burn calories faster, break them down efficiently and convert them into usable energy that we can use to work out and exercise. Further increasing the rate at which we lose weight.

Was tut der, die, das SIMICA IONICS GrapheneFiber SlimTech Shaper tun, und wie funktioniert es?

Dieses SIMICA IONICS GrapheneFiber SlimTech Shaper has been designed for all those people who are looking for a body shaper that will give them an awesome weight loss experience and help them get a better shape without having to use any effort. With the ION-emitting properties of the fiber woven into the fabric, you can be sure that your body will be on its way to losing weight as soon as you wear it. SIMICA IONICS GrapheneFiber SlimTech Shaper

Werden Sie Bauchfett los und heben Sie Ihre Hüften an SIMICA IONICS GrapheneFiber SlimTech Shaper!

Lose Weight, Shape and Tantalize your Figure with our SIMICA IONICS GrapheneFiber SlimTech Shaper. This shaper features a seamless one-piece compression body-forming feature and the ionic radiation from its unique fiber will help you lose weight and burn fat. With its concentration of ions around your waist that targets belly fat and its shaping properties in the compression fit, this shaper will give you an hourglass figure as it transforms your body into a work of art. 

Antibakterielle Eigenschaften halten Ihren Intimbereich sauber!

Keep your private parts fresh, clean and free from infections with our graphene fiber shaper. Our shaper also features anti-bacterial technology, which helps prevent bacteria from entering your private parts. This inhibits the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms, helping to prevent infections and other hygiene issues in your intimate areas.
SIMICA IONICS GrapheneFiber SlimTech Shaper

Was macht SIMICA IONICS GrapheneFiber SlimTech Shaper die perfekte Lösung?

  • Es hat eine wirksame Schlankheits- und Straffungswirkung
  • Hilft pralle und straffe Haut.
  • Machen Sie Ihren Bauch glatt und schlank
  • Reduzieren Sie sichtbar die Taille und das Abflachen des Hinterns, um sofort einen geschwungenen Körper zu schaffen
  • Ihnen ein angenehmes Body-Shaping-Erlebnis zu bieten
  • Spannen Sie Ihren Po an und heben Sie Ihren Po sofort an
  • Lassen Sie Ihren Hintern größer, sexier und schöner aussehen
  • Formt Ihren Körper effektiv von der Taille bis zum Bauch und den Oberschenkeln

Here are more of our satisfied customers who loved the SIMICA IONICS GrapheneFiber SlimTech Shaper:

Geneva Sun, from Cincinnati, Ohio, showed us her experience with our product:

“Losing weight and getting into shape has never been easier! SIMICA IONICS GrapheneFiber SlimTech Shaper is specifically designed to help you slim down fast and effectively. This shaper is absolutely amazing! I could not believe that I lost so much weight in such a short time.”
SIMICA IONICS GrapheneFiber SlimTech Shaper

Jolene Hall, from San Francisco, California, showed us her experience with our product:

“If you’re having trouble losing weight, this is the product for you. SIMICA IONICS GrapheneFiber SlimTech Shaper will get rid of all your excess fat, and leave you looking and feeling great! I have lost several pounds, and several inches with this shaper, so much that I feel like a brand-new woman! I am more confident, happy, and sexy than ever. I will definitely be recommending this product to all my friends!”

SIMICA IONICS GrapheneFiber SlimTech Shaper

 SIMICA IONICS GrapheneFiber SlimTech Shaper