QuickSlim™ Titanionen-Magnetfeldtherapie-Armband zur lymphatischen Entgiftung

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QuickSlim™ Titanionen-Magnetfeldtherapie-Armband zur lymphatischen Entgiftung
QuickSlim™ Titanionen-Magnetfeldtherapie-Armband zur lymphatischen Entgiftung

QuickSlim™ Titanionen-Magnetfeldtherapie-Armband zur lymphatischen Entgiftung

Bevor wir beginnen, werfen wir einen Blick auf unsere zufriedenen Kunden!

" Titanium Ion Magnetic Therapy Lymphatic Detoxification Bracelet was the best product I’ve ever bought to help me lose weight. I’ve worn it every day since I bought it. I’ve been using it for two months now and I’ve lost 49 Pfund . It makes me lose weight like crazy, I love this item and I’ve lost two pant sizes! I guess knowing I’m going to lose weight was part of my motivation too!”
– TerryOliver, Toronto, Kanada

QuickSlim™ Titanionen-Magnetfeldtherapie-Armband zur lymphatischen Entgiftung

“I have never tried this kind of healthy product until my friend recommended QuickSlim™ to me . He said that this bracelet could boost my metabolism, I doubted this benefit at first. After wearing the QuickSlim™ Bracelet for 5 weeks , I feel more empowered when I exercise. My body detoxes so naturally and I’ve lost 57 pounds in weight. I will continue to use the bracelet as it really helps me on my weight loss journey. Thank you QuickSlim™ ! "

– Sheldon MorrisonFrankfurt am Main, Deutschland

HOW DOES THE Titanium Ion Magnetic Therapy Lymphatic Detoxification Bracelet WORK?

In 2000, Saeki Izanagi came up with the idea of ​​incorporating TitaniumION therapy into a piece of sports equipment to improve the convenience and accessibility of therapy. He explored a number of methods and eventually created a new technology that did not exist before: The alternating north-south polarity orientation of the Titanium ION.

Dieses QuickSlim™ Titanionen-Magnetfeldtherapie-Armband zur lymphatischen Entgiftung is a Japanese medical product with new technology. The bracelet is fully magnetized at 55mT at 10mm intervals in alternating north-south polarity orientation. This allows TitaniumION power from the entire hand loop to spread the effects over a wide area, helping improve blood flow, improve metabolism, and increase male energy.



Titanium ION therapy was developed in the 1970s by Dr. Michael Roy Davis, who studied the different effects of positive and negative charges on human biology. Davis claimed that Titanionenenergie könnte bösartige Zellen abtöten, Arthritisschmerzen lindern und die Durchblutung verbessern.

Diese Therapie hilft realign the energy channels that are interrupting the natural flow of the body and help it heal itself. Titan-ION  are help to relieve specific ailments such as anxiety, depression and insomnia, or more physical ailments such as digestive problems.

WHAT IS Magnetic Therapy?

Magnetic Therapy, also know as Magnet Therapy or Biomagnetic Therapy, is a body-energy therapy that involves the application of magnets or magnetic fields to the human body for the purpose of healing or health benefits. We’re not talking about any ordinary magnet. A healing magnet or biomagnet is a magnet that is specifically manufactured for the purpose of physical and mental healing.

QuickSlim™ Titanionen-Magnetfeldtherapie-Armband zur lymphatischen Entgiftung

By enhancing the body’s natural energy fields, Magnetic Therapy is thought to stimulate the metabolism and increase circulation thereby increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to the cells. This natural therapy is used to relieve stress, depression, headaches and pain, to accelerate and promote healing, and to slow disease processes such as cancer and infections.

This Alternative Therapy dates back to antiquity, yet it is still used in complementary and alternative medicine and today. Magnet Therapy is very advanced in many countries, yet it has only more recently gained popularity here in the United States.


Typical magnetic products either use magnets with minimal magnetic field penetration or cause like poles to repel each other, creating a dead zone between magnets. QuickSlim™ Bracelet uses an alternating North-South polarity orientation to maximize the magnetic field flow also release the electromagnetic charge to provide for the removal of blockages around the body and restore a natural flow of energy. And Magnetfeldtherapie gilt als zu haben heilenden Eigenschaften wegen seiner hoher Eisengehalt was hilft fördern die Blut- und Lymphzirkulation im Körper. Nun, wir wissen, dass bei einer schlechten Durchblutung die Zellen in Ihrem Körper daran gehindert werden, die Nährstoffe und den Sauerstoff zu erhalten, die sie zum Gedeihen benötigen, was zu einem langsamen Stoffwechsel und einer Ansammlung von Toxinen führt.
  • mächtig Titanium ION therapy & Magnetic Therapy
  • 10x faster release of osimium elements with wire mesh design
  • Effektive Entgiftung des Körpers
  • Reduziert 60 % der überschüssigen Lymphflüssigkeit in 3 Monaten
  • Decongests the bloodstream and lymph nodes
  • Comfortable when doing sports
  • Beschleunigung des Stoffwechsels
  • Natürliche Lösung für Lymphdrainage und Gewichtsverlust
  • Elegant bangle design

QuickSlim™ Titanionen-Magnetfeldtherapie-Armband zur lymphatischen Entgiftung


Here is David Gardner’s weight loss journey with Titanium Ion Magnetic Therapy Lymphatic Detoxification Bracelet:

"  After 5 weeks of wearing it, I was amazed at the results!  I’ve lost a total of 62 Pfund thanks to the bracelet . My body feels fitter and more defined, free from bloat and toxins! I’m really glad I found the QuickSlim™ Armband, es hat meinen Körper und mein Leben wirklich verändert!“

– David Gardner, Frankfort, Kentucky

QuickSlim™ Titanionen-Magnetfeldtherapie-Armband zur lymphatischen Entgiftung

“I feel like I’m finally happy and confident about myself and my body! I had a slow metabolism before wearing QuickSlim™. I know surgery isn’t the best choice for me so I tried this bracelet . I wear it every day, even while working out. My tummy is gone after 8 weeks! If you are struggling with water retention, swelling or weight loss, you should try this QuickSlim™ Armband! "

– Arturo Smith, München, Deutschland