NailCure™ Anti-Pilz-Fußspray

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NailCure™ Anti-Pilz-Fußspray
NailCure™ Anti-Pilz-Fußspray

Understanding Fungal Foot Infections

A bacterial foot infection can sometimes turn serious, moving from local infection to a systemic (whole-body) one. Most are established through breaks or abrasions in the skin, often as a result of a penetrating wound.NailCure™ Anti-Pilz-Fußspray

Fungal infections beneath or adjacent to a toenail are often the consequence of an ingrown toenail (onychocryptosis). Even eczema, athlete’s foot, or severe sunburn can provide an opportunity for infection by compromising the outermost layer of skin (epidermis).

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“I’ve been struggling with my foot infections for a long time, I can’t even wear slippers and sandals in public places, I felt embarrassed when someone got to see my feet. Then I found Anti-fungal Foot Spray online and gave it a try. After a week of consistent use, I notice a significant change, my infections are starting to get dry, and vivid. Continue it for another week, and I am so amazed by the results, The infections that keep on tormenting me for a very long time are completely gone! What an amazing experience with Anti-Fungal Foot Spray!” -Linsey Wartz, Arizona USA.NailCure™ Anti-Pilz-Fußspray

“I always sweat a lot, as a result, I got a smelly foot and athlete’s foot. I didn’t mind it at first, and continued what I’m doing, but lately, it starts to bother me, even my mates, every time they got to smell it, they tend to stay away. My confidence took a hit, plus my foot started to have red rashes. Then I searched online and found this product, gave it a try and after a week of using it, the smell and rashes are gone! It is amazing how it quickly works!” – Damian Jennings, Texas USA.

How common is foot fungus?

Fungus in feet is very common, especially as people get older. Medical experts estimate that foot-related fungi affect 2 in 10 people overall. That number jumps to 2 in 3 (60%) for people older than 70.NailCure™ Anti-Pilz-Fußspray

Zehennagelpilz tritt auf, wenn Pilze zwischen den Zehennagel und das Zehennagelbett geraten (Gewebe direkt unter dem Zehennagel). Dies geschieht normalerweise durch einen Riss oder Schnitt in Ihrem Zeh.

Key Ingredients of Anti-Fungal Foot Spray

Sophora flavescens
(Ku Shen) contains a variety of marine alkaloids, such as alpine, cytosine, and Lehmann, that are effective in fighting parasitic worms and other fungal infections.Minze
has the ability to not only kill the bad bacteria but also combat the overgrowth of fungus that is present in our skin. It is a powerful herb in the prevention and treatment of Candida Albicans (a common yeast infection).NailCure™ Anti-Pilz-Fußspray

The research group from UWE reported that cinnamon oil can act as an antifungal by damaging the cell membrane and preventing the yeast from forming pseudohyphae. These long, branching filamentous structures are used by the yeast to absorb nutrients required for growth and allow them to spread.

How does Anti-Fungal Foot Spray work?

The Anti-Fungal Foot Spray target structures or functions that are necessary for fungal cells but not in human cells, so they can fight a fungal infection without damaging your body’s cells. It is infused with anti-inflammatory agents and bio-enzymes, that uproots deep-set bacterial and fungal spores to cease its reproduction cycle, thereby inhibiting the formation of athlete’s foot, jock itch, and ringworm.NailCure™ Anti-Pilz-FußsprayTwo structures that are commonly targeted are the fungal cell membrane and the fungal cell wall. Both of these structures surround and protect the fungal cell. When either one becomes compromised, the fungal cell can burst open and die.

Höhepunkte & Vorteile
  • Eradicates cracking, burning, and bacteria on toenails caused by toe fungus.
  • Soothes itchiness, and foot allergies easily!
  • Removes all dry, cracked & dead skin while softening corns, calluses & rough heels.
  • With antiseptic and antibacterial properties which eliminate stinky odor from sweats and other sources.
  • Infused with natural, safe & botanical extracts to cure infection with no side effects.