Magical Tracing Arbeitsbuch-Set

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Magical Tracing Arbeitsbuch-Set
Magical Tracing Arbeitsbuch-Set

Ist es Ihnen wichtig, dass Ihr Kind einfach und spielerisch auf das Schreiben, Lesen und Malen vorbereitet wird?

Then the “Learn to Write – Line Tracing Workbook” by © Preschool Genius is an excellent choice.

The best preparation for learning to write, read and draw for boys and girls aged 1-6.

Magical Tracing Arbeitsbuch-Set

Dieses umfangreiche kindergarten and pre-school A4 Schulheft inkl coloring pictures and cognitive games offers varied exercises to Support   fine motor skills, concentration und  hand-eye co-ordination.

Magical Tracing Arbeitsbuch-Set

Writing – Every child wants to do what adults can do. This millennia-old method of transmitting knowledge and experience demands top performance from the brain. Handwriting is a highly complex process involving fine ticks, bows, arches and swings. If you master it, it not only improves fluent writing but also helps you learn to read.

Magical Tracing Arbeitsbuch-Set

With this exercise book, you will playfully support your child’s graphomotor skills und bereite sie darauf vor writing letters and numbers. Particularly suitable for ages 2–6 during kindergarten, pre-school, for school starters and the first years of school.

In dem Buch wechseln sich Übungsseiten zum Nachzeichnen von Konzentrationslinien mit Malseiten ab. Sorgfältig gestaltete Bildillustrationen laden dazu ein, den Linien der Figuren nachzuspüren.

Magical Tracing Arbeitsbuch-Set

Lines and shapes for beginners:

Simple and short exercises ensure early successes and recognition of directions, forms and lines along with first experiences of hand-eye co-ordination.

Turns and arches for the advanced:

Loops, hooks, and changes of direction improve the child’s feel for holding and guiding the pen correctly.

Symbols and pictures:

Drawing first simple pictures and figures is fun, strengthens your child’s self-confidence und entwickelt Vorstellungskraft. It unconsciously supports a feeling for mathematical figures, signs, and symmetries.

Magical Tracing Arbeitsbuch-Set

Summary of the book contents:

For girls and boys aged 1-6
Pre-writing and tracing exercises
Picture motifs for coloring
Puzzles and cognitive games
Varied drawing exercises
Concentration development
Hand-eye co-ordination improvement
Preparation for learning to write
Child-friendly picture illustrations

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