Harivian® Anti-Paronychie-Öl zur Linderung

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Harivian® Anti-Paronychie-Öl zur Linderung
Harivian® Anti-Paronychie-Öl zur Linderung

Stop the pain and discomfort of paronychia with Harivian® Anti Paronychia Relief Oil. This fast acting oil provides relief from infection, pain and swelling while also straightening nails.

Sehen Sie, was unsere glücklichen und zufriedenen Kunden sagen:

Harivian® Anti-Paronychie-Öl zur Linderung

“After suffering with a case of paronychia for months, I tried everything to find relief. I tried OTC creams and soaks, but they didn’t work. They just made my nails look worse! I was at my wit’s end when I came across Harlivian® Anti Paronychia Relief Oil. I started using it right away and within days the pain was gone! In fact, in just a few weeks it looked like the whole thing had never even happened! Now I can go about my day without worrying about infections or painful nails.”

Rachelle Barnes, 34, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Harivian® Anti-Paronychie-Öl zur Linderung

"I used to be embarrassed by the way my toenails looked and felt—they were discolored, brittle, and cracked. They even smelled weird!It made me feel like an outcast, like everyone else had perfect toes and I was the only one with a problem. But ever since I started using Harivian® Anti Paronychia Relief Oil, my problems with paronychia have vanished! It’s made my nails more resilient and less prone to damage, and has kept them from splitting or cracking. And best of all? They look great!"

James Aldrin, 30, Boston, Massachusetts

Was ist Paronychie?

Paronychia is an infection of the skin around your fingernails and toenails. Bacteria or a type of yeast called Candida typically cause this infection. Bacteria and yeast can even combine in one infection. It’s more common in people who’re constantly working in water. Chronically wet skin and excessive soaking disrupts the natural barrier of the cuticle. This allows yeast and bacteria to grow and get underneath the skin to create an infection.

Harivian® Anti-Paronychie-Öl zur Linderung

Paronychia can develop when bacteria enter broken skin near the cuticle and nail fold, causing an infection. The cuticle is the skin at the base of the nail. The nail fold is where the skin and nail come together.

What are the causes of Paronychia?

  • Staphylococci Infection
  • Candida Yeast
  • Bakterien

Wie wirkt das Harivian® Anti Paronychie Relief Oil?

Seien wir ehrlich – Sie müssen dafür sorgen, dass Ihre Nägel heiß aussehen. Aber was, wenn Sie Nagelinfektionen haben? Sie versuchen, es mit Nagellack zu überdecken, aber dann beginnen Ihre Nägel abzusplittern und zu schälen und sehen aus wie Mist von all dem Nagellackentferner, den Sie verwenden. Sie versuchen, es loszuwerden, indem Sie jemand anderen Ihre Nägel professionell machen lassen, aber dann wissen sie nicht, was sie tun, und Ihre Nägel sehen immer noch wie Mist aus.

Harivian® Anti Paronychie Relief Oil wirkt beruhigend und fördert eine schnellere Heilung des Zehs. Es beseitigt Keime und Pilze, um Infektionen zu stoppen. Damit der eingewachsene Zehennagel schneller heilt, lindert dieses Relieföl Irritationen. Der Heilungsprozess wird unterstützt und das Infektionsrisiko verringert, indem die Region um den Zehennagel aufgeweicht und Bakterien entfernt werden.

Die Öle wirken zusammen, um eine Barriere zwischen Ihrer Haut und Wasser zu schaffen, die verhindert, dass Feuchtigkeit das Nagelbett erreicht, was das Wachstum von Pilzen auf Ihren Nägeln verhindert. Die Öle helfen auch, die Bildung neuer Pilzinfektionen zu verhindern.

Key Ingredients for a Nail Therapeutic Formula:

Tocopherol Vitamin

Esters of tocopherol are often used in skin care products because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. The esters that may be used include tocopheryl acetate and tocopheryl linoleate.

Red Myrrh alcohol

Myrrh oil for nails is used to moisturize and strengthen the nails as well as the cuticles.


The thymol in thyme oil is effective at reducing inflammation and infection. 

Clove Oil & Eugenol

Clove essential oil owes its strong spicy aroma to its high eugenol concentration. Eugenol content in cloves is as high as 80% to 90%. It is the active ingredient in clove oil and is a natural anesthetic. Eugenol reduces pain by numbing the localized application area. It encourages production of a protein called trans receptor potential vanilloid-1 (TRPV-1) which desensitizes nerve endings near the skin’s surface.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is technically a tree nut product. But unlike most tree nut products, it’s very low in the proteins that can trigger allergies. Shea butter doesn’t contain chemical irritants known to dry out skin, and it doesn’t clog pores. It’s appropriate for nearly any skin type.

What makes the Harivian® Anti Paronychia Relief Oil very special?

  • Verhindert das Wachstum, glättet die Nägel
  • Schnell wirkendes Öl zur Linderung von Paronychie
  • Nagelzustand verbessern
  • Linderung von Schmerzen und Schwellungen
  • Reinigen Sie gelbe und dunkle Nägel
  • Korrigieren Sie verzerrte Formen
  • Helfen Sie dabei, Verfärbungen zu verringern
  • Versorgen Sie die Nägel mit Feuchtigkeit
  • Unterstützen Sie eine gesunde Nagelregeneration

Barbara Conway submitted this nail transformation journey with the help of the Harivian® Anti Paronychia Relief Oil:

3. November 2022

“I started using Harivian® Anti Paronychia Relief Oil, and my nails were completely covered in white spots. But then, over the course of the next few days, those white spots started disappearing! It was like magic!”

29. November 2022

Harivian® Anti-Paronychie-Öl zur Linderung

“The white spots were still gone, but now instead of being white they were pinkish-gray. My nails still weren’t back to their normal color yet, Like my nails had been painted gray by an amateur artist who didn’t have time for details or precision.”

8. Dezember 2022

“My nails were finally back to their normal color—and they actually looked like they belonged on my fingers again! The white thing is totally gone and my nails don’t feel brittle anymore and the bacteria causing my nails to act up is eliminated as well. Great nail oil and I am recommending this to my family and friends.”

Barbara Conway, 45, Birmingham, Alabama

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