Dorina EarAcupressure Magnettherapie Detoxi Ohrringe-Love

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Dorina EarAcupressure Magnettherapie Detoxi Ohrringe-Love
Dorina EarAcupressure Magnettherapie Detoxi Ohrringe-Love

Das Tragen dieser Dorina EarAcupressure Magnettherapy Detoxi Ohrringe hat nachweislich folgende Wirkung:

✅ Increase Resting Metabolism

✅ Flush Out Harmful Toxins

✅ Lose weight more easily

✅ Block Excess Fat Production

✅ Curb appetite and feel fuller longer

✅ Eliminate lymphatic problems

✅ Improve mood and sense of well-being

Sehen Sie sich die Ergebnisse unserer zufriedenen Kunden an

This Dorina EarAcupressure Magnetherapy Detoxi Earrings is probably one of the best detox magnet therapy products in the market. I used to try out different weight loss or lymphatic solutions that are out on the internet but this one is very good because it was able to help me curb my appetite and made me shed a tremendous amount of fats in my tummy. I was surprised that I was able to go down 2 dress sizes in a matter of three months. I consistently wear these earrings so as to maintain my figure and to prevent any lymphatic issues that I might experience. I highly recommend it!
Marina Vrielink, 26, Seattle, Washington

I have been trying so hard to lose weight because of my upcoming wedding and I may say that I am quite successful in doing so. But I noticed that the excess flabs on my chin did not flattened in spite of losing weight. So I tried looking for something that can aid me in this and that’s when I discovered the Dorina EarAcupressure Magnetherapy Detoxi Earrings. Not only does it eliminate the fats under my chin but also helps me contour my entire body without costly procedures. Now I am ready to say I do!

Veteleanu Elena, 34, Glendale, Arizona


Wissen Sie, wie unser Lymphsystem funktioniert?

Your lymphatic system, part of your immune system, has many functions. They include protecting your body from illness-causing invaders, maintaining body fluid levels, absorbing digestive tract fats and removing cellular waste. Blockages, diseases or infections can affect your lymphatic system’s function.

Your lymphatic system has many functions. Its key functions include:

  • Hält den Flüssigkeitsspiegel in Ihrem Körper aufrecht
  • Absorbiert Fette aus dem Verdauungstrakt
  • Schützt Ihren Körper vor fremden Eindringlingen
  • Transportiert und entfernt Abfallprodukte und abnorme Zellen aus der Lymphe

The lymphatic system helps defend the body against illness-causing germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi. The system builds immunity by making special white blood cells (called lymphocytes) that produce antibodies which are responsible for immune responses that defend the body against disease.

Studien enthüllen TDer magnetische Ansatz zur Lymphdrainage

The study has demonstrated that the application of impulse magnetic therapy erzeugt ein positiver Effekt auf alle Bestandteile der microcirculatory blood stream der Patienten, die an einem Lymphödem der unteren Extremitäten leiden.

Die National Institutes of Health berichteten, dass abgesehen von Operations- und Diätplänen Die Magnetfeldtherapie hat sich bei den meisten Patienten mit klinisch schwerer Adipositas langfristig bewährt. Nach Sichtung der Literatur auf magnetische gewichtsverlusttherapie, finden wir, dass dieser Ansatz für funktioniert 16 von 20 (ca. 80 %) sind krankhaft fettleibig Individuen.

Magnetfeldtherapie gilt als zu haben heilenden Eigenschaften wegen seiner hoher Eisengehalt was hilft fördern die Blut- und Lymphzirkulation im Körper. Nun, wir wissen, dass bei einer schlechten Durchblutung die Zellen in Ihrem Körper daran gehindert werden, die Nährstoffe und den Sauerstoff zu erhalten, die sie zum Gedeihen benötigen, was zu einem langsamen Stoffwechsel und einer Ansammlung von Toxinen führt.

Studies uncover Ear Acupuncture helps Weight Loss:

Out of all the body parts, the ear is the most studied microsystem.

Acupuncture is done to regulate imbalances and improper flow or circulation in one’s body that affects a person’s health. Earrings are punctured on particular points in the ear to regain balance and ameliorate one’s health.

It is a safe process which directly accesses the body’s group of nerves, muscles and other body organs.

Was macht diese Dorina EarAcupressure Magnettherapy Detoxi Ohrringe zu Ihrer GROSSARTIGEN WAHL?

  • Stoffwechsel beschleunigen
  • Setzen Sie 10x mehr negative Ionen frei, die die Fettverbrennung maximieren
  • Befreien Sie den Blutkreislauf und die Lymphknoten
  • Reduzieren Sie 60 % der überschüssigen Lymphflüssigkeit in 3 Monaten
  • 5x Leistungsstarke Infrarottherapie als andere Materialien
  • Erhöht die Energie und Vitalität des Körpers
  • Effektive lymphatische Entgiftung

Let’s see how Nikki was able to transform her body to a slimmer figure with the help of the Dorina Detoxi Earrings:

Woche 1

I am suffering from a bloated stomach which I believe is due to excess fluid retention mixed with belly fats that’s why I feel heavy and always tired from my daily activities. Then I found this Dorina EarAcupressure Magnetherapy Detoxi Earrings and  the first week of wearing it gave me a sudden relief because I no longer feel very much bloated. Also, my body is more energized after just a few days of using it.

Woche 8

I was so surprised with the outcome of wearing these earrings for about two months as it flattened my belly this fast. It is as if the fats melted away just like that and the fluid which causes my bloating is gone the natural way. I can now wear my old clothes without the stomach bulge that I had previously. That’s why my family is amazed by my body transformation.

Woche 12

This is by far the smallest size that my body has ever achieved and I am very grateful to have found this product! I am now fitter and healthier than ever. My circulation is back to normal and I no longer feel fatigued over a day’s activity. My self confidence is higher that I now enjoy socializing plus I can now take care of my family even more.

Nikki Jansen, 34, Provo, Utah

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