BIG-SIZE Wireless Comfy Sleeping Wear


BIG-SIZE Wireless Comfy Sleeping Wear
BIG-SIZE Wireless Comfy Sleeping Wear
Stay feathery comfy and well supported even in your sleep! 
Introducing you to the perfect sleeping intimate wear that works for ALL WOMEN! 


  • Ultra Elastic Material! These big size sleep wears are created with ultra flexible materials to give women of all size a perfect and comfortable fit!

  • Soft Airy Support! Our premium sleepwear is designed with a super stretchy fit that gives you just the support you need without any pressure!

  • The Best Sleepwear For All Ages! The BIG SIZE Sleepwear is created to give woman of all ages with the perfect support and comfort while you sleep!


  • True Seamless Wireless Fit! Ditch all the rough, abrasive materials! The BIG-SIZE Sleeping Wear let you move around freely without any pressuring restrictions, serve you with a cloudy comfort in all situation!

  • Anti-Gravitational Support During Sleep! The Big Size Sleeping Wear provides you with the proper support while you sleep! By embracing your bust from back to front, it prevent your breast from displacement when you lay on your side!

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