【Exklusive Produkte】 Recibuy Pro EMS-Shorts

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【Exklusive Produkte】 Recibuy Pro EMS-Shorts
【Exklusive Produkte】 Recibuy Pro EMS-Shorts

【Exklusive Produkte】 Recibuy Pro EMS-Shorts

Complete sessions in as little as 10 minutes, equivalent to a normal 2-hour gym workout. Build a perfect butt in just 2 weekly sessions. Replace or enhance your fitness routine.
Perfect both beginners looking to get fit easily, or athletes wanting to take their workouts to a whole new level.
Introducing the world’s first high-tech shorts designed to build your glutes with the most advanced electrical muscle stimulation technology integrated directly into the fabric.
Wireless controller, 3 workout modes, 20 intensity levels. Designed for both complete beginners and world-class athletes. Proven and safe technology, made by athletes.
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Recibuy features built-in electrical muscle stimulation (also known as EMS/NMES), a proven technology used for decades by top athletes and sports professionals to enhance strength and performance.

  • To begin a session, you select a program and intensity level using a wireless controller.
  • Electrical impulses are sent to your muscles, inducing an involuntary muscle contraction – identical to contractions experienced in a traditional workout.
  • These contractions activate your muscle fibers to build strength, endurance, size and overall fitness.


  • 1. Turn on the Controller
  • 2. Wählen Sie ein Programm aus
  • 3. Adjust the intensity (0-20 levels)

Ready, set, go! Each training begins with a warm-up, followed by a workout phase and a cool-down.


Sit down or stand up during the entire session. Use it while watching TV, listening to music, or any other activity.
Empfohlen für: Anfänger Fortgeschritten


Workout with the shorts for faster results. Wear them while performing bodyweight exercise such as squats, lunges, and more.
Empfohlen für: Mittelstufe, Experte 

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